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Welcome to the Jefferson County Supervisor of Elections Website.

Our Website has been revamped in an effort to improve the accessibility of election-related information in a user friendly format. You are encouraged to browse through the various features and explore links on this site. New features include quick links to online voter registration, requesting a mail ballot, locating your polling place, early voting hours and more. 

On this website, you will find information about voter registration, the voting process, Election Day voting, early voting, vote by mail, voting equipment, and election dates. We also maintain information about current elections, polling places, sample ballots, elected officials and voter statistics. With the help of this site, we hope to encourage citizen participation, enhance public confidence in the election process and to educate citizens of all ages. 

Historically, Jefferson County has been among the top three counties in Florida with regards to voter percentage turnout. The General Election in November, 2012, produced an 83% turnout of registered voters. 

With the assistance this site provides, it is my hope that the information contained within will help to continue our trend of high voter turnout both now and in the future. 

Thank you for visiting our site,

Justin "Tyler" McNeill

Jefferson County Supervisor of Elections










Justin "Tyler" McNeill, Supervisor of Elections, Jefferson County
1175 W. WASHINGTON ST.​ • Monticello, FL 32344
Phone: (850) 997-3348 • Fax: (850) 997-6958
Email: soe@jeffersoncountyfl.gov • Hours: M-F 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.